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El melón, la fruta del verano
12.07.2017Eventos Cricket
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El corte del segundo colmo de alcachofa se celebra por primera vez en Murcia
21.03.2017Eventos Cricket
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El brócoli es el alimento más solicitado en el mercado de las verduras congeladas
16.03.2017Eventos Cricket
Eventos CricketMás información sobre nuestros eventos
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Campo de Lorca estrena instalaciones para 2015  

Evento Cricket
Campo de Lorca opens new facilities in 2015
Evento Cricket
The company is dedicated to the production and marketing of Fruit and Vegetables both, in national and international territory. The activity of the company is focused on the grow and production of different crops, backed by the most prestigious quality and environmental certifications. Campo de Lorca is an organization committed with its work and a company which join tradition and innovation, whose main objective is to contribute by offering and added value in all its products: flavor, quality and above all freshness.

The murcian company will show at Fruit Atracttion many novelties. Among them, the extension and modernization of their facilities, showing how important for Campo de Lorca is the innovation, renovation and constant development of the marketing mediums. The new facilities include 7.000m2 for packaging and 10.000 for cold chambers. Once the company had finished with the extension and modernization works, the company will be more efficient. Campo expects to open up the premises at the beginning of 2015.

To know more information about the company and discover all the novelties visit Campo de Lorca
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