We hear more and more talk about superfoods these days. Broccoli, dark chocolate, quinoa are examples of this type of food, although there are many more. There is so much talk lately surrounding kale, also known as leaf cabbage. A product that Campo de Lorca has been marketing now for two seasons, and for which there is rising consumer demand. Kale’s magnificent properties, which include its high content in calcium and protein as well as in iron, magnesium, potassium and vitamins, especially vitamin C, mean this vegetable has joined the list of superfoods. In addition, as a result of these properties, kale has deservedly earned the nickname “The Queen of Superfoods”. With the growing demand for this product, Campo de Lorca has designed a bag that is much more contemporary, sustainable, attractive and informative. With this format, far more comprehensive, they aim to reach more consumers including the youngest ones.