Campo de Lorca attends Fruit Logistic 2018

Once again, the commercial team of Campo de Lorca has moved to Berlin to participate in the international reference fair of the world of fruit and vegetables, Fruit Logistic.

During the three days that this fair has lasted, the company has had the opportunity to meet with clients both nationally and internationally to be able to exchange information about the  campaign. For Campo de Lorca, Fruit Logistic is an important meeting point that allows in the middle of the campaign a small reflection, something that they consider very positive for both parties since it provides security to the customers.

Currently, Campo de Lorca has presence in more than 40 countries and its main product is broccoli. During the previous campaign, the production of broccoli exceeded 50,000 tons. In addition, both broccoli and cauliflower are produced 365 days a year, a fact that guarantees customers a fresh and quality product all year round. The artichoke and kale are also among its range of products. As a novelty for this winter season 2017/18 the company has introduced romanesco.

Regarding organic production, the company continues to grow in volume and plans to expand the range of these products. It has also developed a new brand, BROSA, under which it markets ecological broccoli.

As part of its strategy, Campo de Lorca continues to innovate in its formats and to test new varieties. For the company, innovation and sustainability are two main pillars on which it bases its entire production.