CRICKET participates in the I broccoli tapas route

Campo de Lorca, one of the members of the Association + Broccoli (Association for the Promotion of Consumption of Broccoli in Spain), participates in the first broccoli tapas Route of + Broccoli that has been organized together with Hostelor (Professional Association of hoteliers of Lorca). The route began on March 9 and will last until Sunday, March 18.

Guadalentín Valley and especially the area of Lorca, are the main production areas of this vegetable. In this first route, there are 14 Lorca restaurants that participate and try to delight the participants with the tapas they have created and whose main ingredient is broccoli.

Many restaurants are incorporating broccoli into their menus although it still does not enjoy the popularity that other vegetables have. The objective of this route is to make this vegetable known, given that despite being one of the largest producing areas, its consumption is not yet well established. From the Association + Brocoli believe that initiatives like this help bring this extraordinary vegetable to consumers and give it greater visibility. Broccoli is one of th e vegetables with more properties and health benefits. It has also listed as a “superfood”.

To access all the information related to the restaurants and tapas offered by each of them, a website and an APP, Ruta del Brócoli, have been created. From the latter you can vote the different tapas. There will be raffles for everyone, both for the participants and for the restaurant with the most voted tapa. The winners will be able to enjoy hotel nights, spas and diverse gastronomic experiences. The restaurant with the winning tapa will also be awarded with a masterclass taught by the only Murcian chef with two Michelin stars, Pablo González-Conejero.