CRICKET new look for the summer campaign

 #summershavechanged is the new hashtag with which we release the summery image for the summer vegetable campaign. With this image we aim to promote the consumption of vegetables during the summer reminding our customers that in this season they can also enjoy Cricket’s vegetables with the same quality, taste and freshness as during the winter.

Traditionally, the consumption of certain vegetables, notably broccoli, was linked to a more winter-type consumption tendency. But in recent years, due to the introduction of new varieties of seeds that are adapted to higher temperatures, along with the different locations and altitudes in which our farms are located, has allow us to produce and distribute 365 days vegetables with the guarantee and safety of Cricket’s products.

The consumer behavior has changed, and after suffering this health crisis, there is a significant increase in choosing healthy options, such as vegetables, which strengthen the immune system. The new consumer is more conscious and concerned about their health while looking for the natural, healthy and closest options, concepts that are very present in our brand and that are all part of the Cricket identity.

*Cricket vegetables available during the summer season: broccoli, cauliflower, kale and flat cabbage.

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