Building a more sustainable Campo de Lorca

Comprehensive sustainability is today an indisputable requirement for agri-food companies. Sustainability in its three aspects: economic, environmental and social. At Campo de Lorca we are strongly pursuing a commitment to integral sustainability, opting for responsible, committed and sustainable growth.

Sustainability is an opportunity today and a necessity for the future of the agri-food industry; the Quality Department with Conchi Pérez, an agronomist in charge, works together with the rest of the company in the implementation of a new environmental management model that allows implementing instruments and strategies to improve environmental conditions, Green Manners, which will integrate the Objectives of Sustainable Development (ODS) of the United Nations.

Complying with the 2030 Agenda implies that all agents in the food chain make a decisive commitment to alternatives that guarantee an efficient structure in food production, at the same time as it is sustainable from an economic and environmental aspect.

For Campo de Lorca, sustainability is already part of the business value chain and is a necessary element in making investment decisions. We work with a high level of demand and quality. For this reason we have the most demanding certifications that certify food safety and respect for the environment. Our quality department is constantly evolving and our commitment to the environment only strengthens through the Green Manners project, which we will be announced very soon and which we will also be used to involve our closest environment and thus be able to raise awareness about the importance of producing through green management models.

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