2021, International Year of Fruits and Vegetables

After a difficult year, we welcome 2021 with hope following the UN’s international declaration as the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables, in order to promote the benefits of healthy eating when we need it most.

The fruit and vegetable consumption data for the last year, although growing, is still an insufficient number taking into account the great contribution of nutrients and benefits that their intake provides. Precisely for this reason, a healthy diet can make an important difference in protecting the world’s population from the present pandemic and raising awareness of future health problems.

This celebration is also a recognition for companies in the fruit and vegetable sector, large and small farmers. In 2020, different challenges and difficulties had to be overcome along the entire value chain to meet the needs of millions of consumers. If something was clear, it is that together we can achieve extraordinary things.

We must remember that the best way to achieve a balance of vitamins, minerals and fiber to have an outstanding diet is only possible through the consumption of fruits and vegetables. The high water content, the intake of 25 grams of fiber daily and the amount of nutrients they provide, not only keeps us hydrated and prolongs the well-being of the body, but also strengthens the immune system against any threat.

Green Manners, sustainability and expansion

This year it will also serve to advance in a more comprehensive model of the production, consumption and sustainability models of the sector. As we collected in our ‘Green Manners’ initiative, it is time to act and be aware of the environmental impact to make better use of natural resources.

We must remember that the WHO recommends a minimum daily consumption of 400g of fruits and vegetables, which is in line with the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda to improve nutrition, end hunger and promote agriculture, while promoting well-being and ensures consumption and production patterns. It is a joint mission to achieve, not only a higher level of consumption, but also to avoid waste by transmitting this message to the public.

Campo de Lorca (Cricket) really wants 2021 to be a special year for everyone, promoting the consumption of our fruits and vegetables with the aim of supplying the entire population with rich and healthy foods, promoting the integration of new technologies and expanding alliances commercial to take our products to other markets.

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