Green shakes. Benefits.

Fruits and vegetables are products with an enormous versatility when it comes to their consumption. They can be eaten raw, in a single way or accompanied in salads, cooked, steamed, in form of juices, and a host of variants. However, in recent years, in addition to juices, a new consumer trend has emerged in beverage format, green shakes or smoothies.

These are fundamentally formed by a combination of fruits and vegetables, depending on the tastes of each one. Given its simple preparation, the ability to mix products, the easy handling, which allows it to be transported as if it were a water bottle, and the healthy and nutritious ingredients, smoothies are fighting for the top of the most used ways of consumption.

Green shakes or smoothies are made from fruit or vegetable purée, and the whole pieces are included in their preparation. In addition to the pulp, which forms the solid part, they can contain a liquid part, either water, milk or even tea. Using only the pieces of fruits or vegetables, could make the shake too thick. It will depend on the water content of these pieces.

The nutritional value, as well as the properties or benefits of the shake, will also depend on its composition. Therefore, the important thing in its preparation is the knowledge of nutritional characteristics of the pieces that make up our shake.

But generally, these shakes provide a great set of nutrients. Proteins of milk (in case of using milk as the liquid part), soy milk, coconut milk, which are able to stimulate growth, take part in the reconstruction of tissues and help cell metabolism. In the case of using tea, they also have a high antioxidant content, which are capable of counteracting the action of free radicals, which cause cellular aging.

On the other hand, we absorb the soluble fiber present in the fruit, and that contributes to the reduction of cholesterol. Antioxidants, also present in the fruit itself. Chlorophyll, which is present in green leafy vegetables, has anticancer and antioxidant properties and, in addition, it is a good source of iron. Vitamins and minerals, they strengthen the immune system and prevent cancer.

Therefore, the ability of these products to provide properties and benefits to the consumer will depend on the quality and newness condition of these products. At CRICKET we make sure that they reach the consumer with the best possible quality. Our range of Brassicas can bring the set of nutrients necessary for the shakes to be as complete as possible.

Our entire range of products can be used to make these shakes. From broccoli, one of the most currently used in combination with other vegetables and fruits, to broccolini, through romanesco broccoli or Kale cabbage, all of them can be used as part of our smoothies and provide us with a set of nutrients capable of giving us the greatest possible benefit.

The main idea in the preparation of a good smoothie is to get a very appetizing mixture, with a good flavor, because the use of some products, such as broccoli or cauliflower, can cause a strong flavor.

However, since at CRICKET we bring our entire range of products, throughout the whole year, we are able to make their combination easier. In this way we can use the broccoli and the broccolini together, providing a sweeter flavor to the shake and giving a feeling of greater freshness.

With green smoothies, the daily three or four pieces of fruit and vegetables recommendation has never been so simple. The best option is to find those fruits and vegetables that we prefer the most and combine them in a variable way, using different types throughout the week.

Thanks to our highest quality range of products, from CRICKET we bring the possibility to have these products every day, and thus make green smoothies with which you enjoy the most.

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