Conscious consumption. An upward trend

Foods are products subjected to a multitude of certifications, requirements in the production process, as well as labeling regulations for their trade. It is of great importance for these products to show that they fulfil with them and that they guarantee adequate quality and safety.

Sustainable food production, local food consumption and certifications and eco-social seals, which have such a positive impact on the environment, are taking a step further, approaching greater social relevance. As the years go by, consumers become more concerned about the manufacturing method of all products, their transportation and their sale, even more so when it comes to food products.

This has been proved thanks to recent studies and publications, such as the one carried out last December by the consultancy ClicKoala, where it has been shown that events such as COVID-19 have a great impact on consumer awareness.

According to this study, more than half of Spanish consumers want to know if their purchases are respectful with the environment, if their products do not contain any substance harmful to health or if they have been made in Spain or not, among other issues.

These 2020 data show an increase compared to previous years, obtained by the same consultancy, and they denote the relevance that food knowledge is taking for consumers, who seek to acquire foods that promote their well-being.

Cases of risk in food safety and zoonoses that occur in commercialized food, as well as the interest of consumers in knowing the origin and quality of the products, lead them to find out about the requirements that companies meet and the safety certificates that credit on their products.

However, there are a multitude of these certificates, which makes it difficult for consumers to know the meaning of all of them. In this way, options such as small explanations of their meanings or assessments of the impact on the environment and society of the seals, are some of the most preferred by the survey respondents. Thus, not only a food with a specific seal or accreditation will be well regarded, but also those that show what they truly imply.

For this, two things are important. On the one hand, that a group of experts identify the seals and certifications with the greatest positive social and environmental impact, in order to assess them and establish differences between them. And, on the other hand, that companies dedicate a space, either in their labeling or social networks for example, to publicize the requirements that their products guarantee, since, according to 3 out of 4 Spaniards, this encourages them to buy them.

For Campo de Lorca – Cricket, being aware of trends and listening to the needs of our consumers is essential. For this reason, more than 5 years ago we bet on organic production under the BROSA by Cricket brand. A brand which ideal is to give the best to enhance the health and well-being of our consumers by growing organic broccoli and cauliflower.

This line of products is obtained from controlled and certified agricultural methods, in our case, by the Council of Ecological Agriculture of the Region of Murcia. A line that grows year after year and that currently already represents 10% of the total volume sold.

In this way, the objective of any company dedicated to food production must be that, to guarantee sustainable consumption based on ecological seals or production and marketing certificates, which provide the consumer with information on how a product has been obtained, either of animal or plant origin, and what impact it has on society and the environment.

Thus, it is possible to establish a good link between the company, its workers and consumers, making it perfectly known what they are buying, and of course promoting conscious consumption.

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