The conservation of nature and our environment has become one of our main concerns. For this reason, we want to show our commitment to the environment, making our production activity compatible with respect for the environment.
Based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), objectives and goals set by the United Nations General Assembly, in addition to the guidelines described by the FAO and European Union, for the conservation of biodiversity in our environment, we have launched the BAYDIVERSITY project, along with CROPCIENCIA BAYER. An innovative project that strategically manages the habitats and biodiversity of a specific production areas, identifying lines of action for their recovery and enhancement over time.
Through this plan we are acquiring knowledge about the species and wild habitats that we can find in the surroundings of our production farms, giving importance to those that present some special interest, either due to the functions or peculiarities of the species or the characteristics of the habitats that they have. In addition, it allows us to identify the good practices we must developed in the production process, as well as to prioritize the management measures that are deemed necessary.
This plan, which has already been implemented in some of our farms, such as “El Pulpillo”, has different phases, and they allow us acquiring knowledge in the best possible way. Mapping of the different areas that can be found on the farm or cataloging of species of both fauna and existing flora, are some of the actions carried out that allow us to develop a management, recovery and valorization plan for these areas and species. This is essential, because fauna and flora, native to the area or that appeared as a result of the planting of crops, have relevant functions in the ecosystem of the production areas and the surroundings, which must be studied and reported.
This study is allowing us to assess the situation of the different production areas and their environments in order to be able to make suggestions with our work teams, and thus be able to conserve biodiversity in a way that allows us to distinguish ourselves, adding value to our Cricket brand through the promotion of Biodiversity and Environmental Responsibility.
The fight for the protection, reestablishment or promotion of the sustainable use of the ecosystems of our agri-food productions, as well as minimize desertification and wear of farmland, are part of the fundamental methodology to stop the loss of biological diversity.
With these objectives firmly aligned with national and international institutions goals for the conservation of Biodiversity, and integrated into our environmental action plan “Green Manners”, we present all the actions that CRICKET is carrying out in relation to the SDG 15, Life on Land.

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