The company Campo de Lorca has taken part in the ninth edition of Fruit Attraction 2017 with the slogan “A Natural Treasure”, a fresh image that represents guarantee, quality and freshness. The company has also made the most of the occasion to show its customers what’s new in this new campaign: a new format for […]

We hear more and more talk about superfoods these days. Broccoli, dark chocolate, quinoa are examples of this type of food, although there are many more. There is so much talk lately surrounding kale, also known as leaf cabbage. A product that Campo de Lorca has been marketing now for two seasons, and for which there […]

At the latest edition of Fruit Attraction, Campo de Lorca was visited by Juani Mieres Petruf, the great paddle tennis player of the World Paddle Tour. An Argentinian by birth, Mieres considers himself a lover of sport and a healthy diet. When he visited our stand, he told us broccoli is one of his favourites and that, as […]

CRICKET begins the campaign of artichoke, an essential vegetable in Mediterranean cuisine. Its high fiber content favors intestinal transit, it is also the ideal vegetable to lower those extra kilos. But if something stands out the artichoke is for ability to eliminate toxins from the body and thus prevent fluid retention. When buying artichokes it […]