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The conservation of nature and our environment has become one of our main concerns. For this reason, we want to show our commitment to the environment, making our production activity compatible with respect for the environment. Based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), objectives and goals set by the United Nations General Assembly, in addition […]

The green manuring technique can be described as the intentional sowing, growth and development, usually of legumes, grasses or from cabbage family, which are incorporated into the soil subsequently. For a species to be used for green manuring, it must meet a series of characteristics, such as rapid establishment and growth, or the production of […]

Foods are products subjected to a multitude of certifications, requirements in the production process, as well as labeling regulations for their trade. It is of great importance for these products to show that they fulfil with them and that they guarantee adequate quality and safety. Sustainable food production, local food consumption and certifications and eco-social […]

The artichoke is one of the crops par excellence. It is consumed since ancient times in wide regions of mild climates and is native to specifically our area, the western Mediterranean. Spain is in third place according to the main world artichoke producers, behind Italy and Egypt only, countries with a great tradition in its […]

Fruits and vegetables are products with an enormous versatility when it comes to their consumption. They can be eaten raw, in a single way or accompanied in salads, cooked, steamed, in form of juices, and a host of variants. However, in recent years, in addition to juices, a new consumer trend has emerged in beverage […]

After a difficult year, we welcome 2021 with hope following the UN’s international declaration as the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables, in order to promote the benefits of healthy eating when we need it most. The fruit and vegetable consumption data for the last year, although growing, is still an insufficient number taking into […]

The quickest answer is: all! A healthy diet is essential for all living things, but when extra factors such as diabetes arise, diet becomes even more important. We recently celebrated World Diabetes Day and from Cricket, as unconditional fans of a healthy diet, we want to highlight the relevant role that a balanced diet can […]

We recently talked about the importance of integral sustainability in our company and presented the birth of a project with which we want to reflect it: Green Manners. Green Manners forms the new environmental management project of Campo de Lorca, and through it we promote efficiency and the creation in the medium and long term […]

Comprehensive sustainability is today an indisputable requirement for agri-food companies. Sustainability in its three aspects: economic, environmental and social. At Campo de Lorca we are strongly pursuing a commitment to integral sustainability, opting for responsible, committed and sustainable growth. Sustainability is an opportunity today and a necessity for the future of the agri-food industry; the […]

 #summershavechanged is the new hashtag with which we release the summery image for the summer vegetable campaign. With this image we aim to promote the consumption of vegetables during the summer reminding our customers that in this season they can also enjoy Cricket’s vegetables with the same quality, taste and freshness as during the winter. […]