Cleanses your organism.

The artichoke has always been considered a food with very good health benefits. What is more, recent studies have shown that regular consumption makes it a real natural medicine for the liver, diabetes, constipation or cancer prevention.

Its high diuretic and depurative properties, as well as its rich composition of vitamins and iron make this vegetable indispensable in healthy diets. On the other hand, its cooking possibilities are endless, whether boiled, in the oven, battered or in stir-fries, rice dishes and salads.


– There are diets endorsed by the most prestigious professionals based only on the artichoke.

– Tissue extracts are used in cosmetics as an ingredient of tonics and lotions.


The natural season of CRICKET Artichoke is from November until the end of April. However, the development of new crop varieties and cultivation methods make it possible to have it available all year round.